Followers of Lightning

On the “second New Year’s day” in 2018, before the fires in the Kloof, Richard, (Hicks Art Gallery), Charles and I, walked to the waterfalls.

Aside from sharing coffee and egg mayonnaise sandwiches, as one does when embarking on such adventures, Charles shared many interesting facts about the trees and shrubs, as well as other intriguing stories.

Since that walk, Charles has had a book published – “Followers of Lightning”.

The main storyline is about a bio-prospector, who grew up in Africa, went to the United Kingdom and returned to the Little Karoo. It is a compact book that sketches daily living in South Africa; the diversity and different interpretations make this book a delight to read.

As winter approaches, the book can be read in an evening, in front of a log fire and will inspire much conversation over the days that follow.

Let us embrace Charles’ ubuntu spirit, and be Proudly Montagu!

From The Montagu Bookshop, we would like to wish Charles, a Proudly Montagu resident, a very Happy Birthday, and ask all readers to join in wishing Charles every success with the sales of this book and a prosperous year ahead.