“Master your REACTIONS – a step to self-mastery” by Larry Hester

The internet age has given us a number of solutions, but also a number of unexpected consequences. One such consequence is ‘invisibility’. This ‘invisibility’, unwittingly, has become part of our daily lives when we interact with others, sometimes forgetting that emotions are part and parcel of each and every one of us.

Larry Hester, a local Montagu resident has written the book – ‘Master your REACTIONS – a step to self-mastery’.

The book is well written and is an agreeable read. I was able to resonant with what Larry shares with the reader. Of particular value, to me, was the part where Larry writes about the teachings of Buddhism, and to quote – “They explain that we can overcome those lower-ego emotions or reactions by application of, inter alia, the second of the eight-fold path, namely ‘right intention’”. Larry then goes on to unpack how one can achieve this.


Another significant part of the book was “Seizing the present”. We run here, we run there, but do we stop to smell the roses, do we stop to look and marvel at the beauty around us? I can remember when at work and we were managing a reputational risk, the Partner I reported to, always said – “Go and smell the roses”. How right he was.

There is so much change taking place, some of the changes we are unable to control or influence, but we can control our reactions. This can be supported by a sentence I read in an article in The Guardian – “The same biological rules apply to our brains as muscles – what you use grows.” Therefore, the more we adopt “master of our reactions” – the more one is building the network of neurons to how we react to situations. This allows us to become patient and resilient in this fast moving Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A worthwhile read, thank you Larry.