Bibliography of Contributors to The Montagu Folklore

  1. Professor Wilfred Stein – His Fathers autobiography  
  2. Rabbi Stuart Serwator – Pictures: Jewish Cemetery
  3. Theo Joubert & Don Woodford – Layout: Jewish Cemetery
  4. Clive Kirkwood – Audio Tape: Annie Abramowitz
  5. Emile Badenhorst – Manuscript: JFD Kriel Pietersfontein
  6. Frikkie Marais – Story about the Marais Mill
  7. Francois de Kock – Information:
    Marais Mill
    Flu Epidemic
    Lady De Waal Bridge
  8. Blackie Badenhorst  – Information Meulplaas Mill
  9. Professor Howard Phillips – Flu Epidemic article
  10. Doctor Stephen Craven – Articles: Gold Mine – Guano Caves
  11. Christine Hughes – Article: A Montagu Resident Draws Inspiration
  12. Don Woodford – Article on Kanonkop
  13. Elise Mohr Burger – Content and Editing of The Flower Discovery Story
  14. Rika and Abraham Joubert The Baden Tunnel Story
  15. Willie Long The Montagu Hacking Group & the Friends of the Hospital
  16. Blackie Badenhorst, Darlene Deacon(Mynhardt) and Dennis Mynhardt – The Little Sanctuary
  17. Roelene Ellis and Blackie Badenhorst – The Oudam Story
  18. Paul Fouche and Francois de Kock the Kosie la Grange story.
  19. Van Zyl la Grange The la Grange family photo album.
  20. Arij Tobias – The Van Eedens
  21. Blackie Badenhorst, Esther Hofmeyr ,Ar de Vries and Abraham Joubert – Ou Ar De Vries
  22. Blackie Badenhorst,Paul Fouche, Anelma Oosthuizen – Lou Kriel
  23. Debbie Murray and Hugo de Wet – The Montagu Nature Garden
  24. Anelma Oosthuizen – Die Stasie
  25. Balckie Badenhorst, Cathie and Bruce Page – The Arthur Wegelin Story
  26. Die Ou Dam Passport – Debbie and Peter Murray

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